About the Book

13 Moon is an African folklore illustrated story set in the village of Eyanka.

When a 13 year old girl is publicly beheaded by the Eyanka village for a crime she did not commit, it triggers a series of haunting events that sends the village into terror on the first full moon of every year leaving royals and commoners alike scared for their life.

About the Creators

William Ifeanyi Moore and Medevor Jarell Obor have been childhood best friends since 1999 when they met in boarding school in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Over the years they traded fictional stories with each other aspiring to one day share their passion for narratives with the world. In their young adult years, they would find themselves in England where they started working on the concept of socially conscious narrative series inspired by African folklore storytelling techniques. 13 Moons is their first project and they hope you enjoy reading it as much as they have enjoyed creating it.


Created By - William Ifeanyi Moore & Medevor Jarell Obor

Illustration By - Ochuko Michael Obor

Book & Cover Design - Blacarkstudio

Web Design - Etinosa Obaseki